Future Flecks

Here’s an update to inform everyone of my upcoming trips, and to keep readers in the know about where I am going to be and what cities, states or countries I’ll be visiting next.

2017 Trips:

Finland: January 2017

Peru: April 2017

Ecuador: May 2017

Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia & Botswana: August & September 2017

Alaska, USA: October 2017

Morocco: October & November 2017


Upcoming 2018 Trips:

Martinique: January 2018

Hawaii, USA: March 2018

Nepal & Bhutan: April & May 2018

Quebec, Canada: May 2018

Montana, USA: June 2018

Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary & Austria: July & August 2018



Have any tips or comments about my next travel destination, I’d love to hear from you!






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    Nice agenda for 2015. Where do you plan to visit in Italy?

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      Speck on the Globe Post author

      I’ll be in Rome, Naples and Positano. I’m looking forward to going back to Italy, this time with my sister and mother in tow!

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    gary carson

    Hello, Ms. Synan. I believe we are cousins. My grandfather, Vick Ferrone, was your grandfather Gerry Ferrone’s brother. I knew your grandmother Chrissy (lovely lady) and your Mom and your Uncle Gerry. Did you know our great-grandparents were from a village in Basilicata called Bella, in the province of Potenza? It is a few hours from Naples, in the mountains. I have been to Italy three times, but, to my shame, never got that far south. My sister Rosalind Parneix is working on our Family Tree; there are some old Ferrone photos and info you might be interested in. You can find myself and my sister on FB. If I do not have the correct Abbie Synan, I apologize. (Our cousin Carlene Nagg Hawes mentioned to my sister that you had a travel blog.)

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      Speck on the Globe Post author

      Hi, nice that you found me here! Not sure if Carlene told you but my mother is meeting me in Italy in June, we are so excited to spend some time together there along with my sister.

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