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Hi, I’m Abbie!  I was raised in Pittsburgh, Pa and even as a little freckled face girl I always had aspirations of seeing as much as I could with my own eyes.

“You would be sitting in the back of the car asking where we were going next and your sister would be asking when we would be going home.”  My mother’s classic tale explaining my constant on-the-go attitude.  My Great Aunt Lucy would say it’s a characteristic shared by my mother’s side of the family.  “If you ask a Ferrone to go out even to just watch water float under a bridge, they’ll say, let me go grab my purse.”  My need for new explorations and adventures seemed to come from before birth and it was insatiable.


After college I graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a BA in Journalism and French and I thought for sure in a few years I’d be living in Paris working as a writer.  Ah, the dreams of a twenty something creative.  I followed my heart in another direction however, and moved to Philadelphia instead.  After an unexpected break-up and eight years working in medical administration I made a choice to follow my gut this time, and I headed back to my family.

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My father at the time was diagnosed with leukemia and having traveled for months back and forth each weekend by bus to see him, I knew it was time to go be with my family when it really mattered.  It wasn’t until my dad went into remission that I realized I was so wrapped up in focusing on my family and my dad’s cancer that I didn’t have a clue what my next move was.  Hitting the pause button for him forced me to reevaluate what was important in my own life, and in doing so it enabled me to take steps towards realizing goals I wanted to achieve for myself.  Shortly after this I was having a conversation with a friend who had been inviting me to Thailand for years.  We talked about how now was no better time to celebrate life and new beginnings than heading over to Asia.  I hung up the phone and immediately booked my ticket to Bangkok starting what has now been a nearly five year nomadic journey.

While Pittsburgh always feels like home to me, experiencing new places is more fulfilling for me than standing still.  My first time outside of the US was in high school on the most memorable trip to Ireland with my Aunt.  It wasn’t until I went to Europe 7 years later however that I made a pact with myself to be more open to travel.  On a flight back from Paris in October 2006 I made a promise that I would travel to at least one country I’ve never been to each year until I’m 30.  It’s been an amazing journey so far and now that I’ve surpassed that goal, the quest continues on.

Happy travels!

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    Eek! So glad you are doing this blog 🙂 Your first true publicized writing adventure, go you! xo

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    Turquoise Compass

    Hey there fellow blogger!

    I’m always excited to connect with other travelers!


    So happy to connect,

    Jessica, Turquoise Compass

    You are never too old to dream a new dream!

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    Rosalind Carson Parneix

    Hi, I guess we are third cousins! Carlene Nagg Hawes told me about your blog. My mother was June Ferrone, daughter of the eldest Ferrone brother, Victor. We lived in Erie (she married Raymond Carson, from Erie) and went to Pittsburgh allot to visit Aunt Lucy, Uncle Augie, Aunt Gloria, etc. Myself and two brothers spent lots of nights sleeping at Aunt Lucy’s with all the cousins, including your Mother. I always wanted to travel also and first moved to Manhattan and then made my first six month trip to Europe in 1972. Fell in love with Europe! Have been back at least forty times since. In fact, now that I am retired we go for six weeks a year – usually to my favorite, France. I always wanted a home in Provence! Two years ago we spent a month in Sicily also and loved it. Last year we spent a month in Corsica. My career in retailing took me to Asia many times over 30 years. In fact, we are leaving Sept. 1 for five weeks in England. I have been working on a Carson Family Tree for over a year and so many of our roots are in England. Carlene told me your Mother is going to meet you soon in Italy. I wish you were going to Bella as there are so many holes in the family tree regarding the Ferrone and Fella families. We need to visit Bella and see the town and parish records. Unfortunately, the Italians are not as good record keepers as the English! I wanted to introduce myself to you as we have a love of travel to share. Hope you have a great time when your Mother meets you.

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      Speck on the Globe Post author

      Thanks so much for introducing yourself, it is always fun to meet new family! If we have time and end up seeing Bella I’ll make sure we let you know! Looking forward to some family time soon in Italy!

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    Tracey Santos

    Hey Abbie, hope you had fun in St.Kitts! If was very nice to meet you on the flight out. Let me know if you posted a review of your mini-adventures with your friends. Have a merry Christmas and a happy wander-full 2016!

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      Speck on the Globe Post author

      Hi Tracey! Glad you found my site & I hope you had a wonderful holiday with family and friends. I’ll make sure I forward you the link when my St. Kitts weekend story goes live 🙂 Hopefully 2016 will be full of exploration and excitement.

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