Snapshot Sunday: Myanmar Ordinary Class


The breeze slowly moves from one window of the train through to the other.  The pleather seat sticks to the backs of my legs as I shift on the bench, moving from side to side as the train bobs me up and down.  Peering out of the window I watch as the little boys in our car stick their heads out the window, pointing to this and that with excitement in their eyes.  The rickety tracks take us on a slow, scenic journey through the countryside giving me a glimpse of rural life as we spend hours on hours bouncing along to our destination.  We booked our seats in the “upper class” section, but most of the cars are ordinary class, with simple wooden benches and creaky floorboards.  With most journeys lasting 10, 16 hours or even overnight, my back aches even thinking about sitting on a wooden slatted seat for that long.

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    Mary Walto

    Beautiful picture. And, yes, it does look mighty uncomfortable. Where’s Amtrak when you need them!!!

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