Snapshot Sunday: Cambodian Hide-n-Seek

I spent the last week volunteering at Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary, 25,000 acres of protected land where we had the chance to farm, play with elephants and take care of other tasks to facilitate the project.  It was a fabulous opportunity to give back in helping to preserve a piece of disappearing wilderness and while there we had the chance to attend a local village temple ceremony.  We brought a donation for the temple and everyone was excited to invite us to participate in the events for the evening.  It was so rewarding to see an impoverished village come together as a community with such joy and happiness.  All the children from the neighboring communities ran around the grounds playing, laughing and enjoying the festivities.  It was one of the warmest welcomes I’ve experienced.


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    Mary Walto

    Love the photo’so and the video of the elephants!

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