#JustoneRhino Campaign Continues Raising Funds and Awareness

Africa.  It’s one place that always has a way of sneaking to the top my “bucket list” and for many people experiencing wildlife in their natural habitat on a continent unlike their own is a total dream.  People who have been on African safaris share their experiences of seeing the “Big 5”, and as the Rhinoceros rapidly approaches extinction, I’m hoping the #JustOneRhino campaign will raise awareness before they no longer are on that top five list.

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Photo Courtesy of A Lady Away

Conservationists met in Kenya this week to talk strategy on ways to save the White Rhino.  There are currently only 5 Northern White Rhino in existence.  Think about that, only FIVE on the whole planet!  Experts are trying to stop poaching while increasing the population and there is a way that we can help.  Donating to Rhinos without Borders  will create funds to aid in the relocation of these sweet creatures to areas with no poachers while simultaneously creating community outreach to ensure the safety of this dying breed.  One Rhinoceros is killed on average every nine hours and with our help we can protect the ones that are still here.

Photo Courtesy of A Lady Away
Photo Courtesy of A Lady Away

This year Travelers Building Change is helping efforts by asking for readers to donate and for your help you can be rewarded with a prize!  Founder Jeremy Scott Foster felt the partnership between Travelers Building Change and Rhinos without Borders was in line with their mission to give back to the places we travel and experience.

“The rhino poaching situation in Africa is critical and, given the incredibly high cost of saving them, we wanted to focus our efforts on a difficult project that doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it should. With rhinos due to become extinct within the next 20 years, it seemed almost obvious that this was the organization we needed to support.”

The goal is to raise $45,000 and 100% of our proceeds will go to the relocation of Rhinos.  Green Travel Media has organized over $30,000 in prizes for you to win as a thank you for contributing to such an important cause.  It’s a great way to give back and have the chance to receive something wonderful in return!

Photo Courtesy of A Lady Away
Photo Courtesy of A Lady Away

All you need to do is DONATE HERE!  Take a look at some of the incredible things you have the chance to win:

International Expeditions-  http://www.ietravel.com/
10-day Galapagos Voyage for one. Value $5,298     
Adventure Life- www.adventure-life.com

South Africa Big Five Safari: Kruger & KwaZulu-Natal + Swag Bag for 2 people. Value $5000

– Cobblers Cove Hotel, Barbados- http://www.cobblerscove.com/
Seven nights bed and breakfast in a Garden View suite. Value $5,187

– Yemaya Island Hideaway & Spa, Nicaragua- www.littlecornhotel.com

10 nights’ stay & wellness package for two people at Yemaya Island Hideaway and Spa on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua. Value $5,241

– Secret Retreats- www.secret-retreats.com
• Vouchers for 2 people at Bali Jiwa Villain in Bali, Indonesia.  Value $1,000
• (2) Vouchers for 2 people at The Scent Hotel in Koh Samui, Thailand. Total Value $3000 ($1,500 for each 2-person package)
• Vouchers for 2 people at 4 Rivers Floating Lodge, Koh Kong, Cambodia. Value $900 
• Vouchers for 2 people at Flower Island, Palawan, Philippines   Value $900

Or other prizes which include:
• eBag Luggage 
• WeWOOD Watches
• Dinner/Brunch Cruises
• 2 nights in an Italian Villa
• 2 Tours in India
• ExOfficio Gift Certificate
• 2 nights Renaissance Asheville
• Travel Blog Success Lifetime Membership
• African Elephant Photo Pack
• HDR Timelapse Video Camera w/Lens
• Blogger Mentorship Package from Green Global Travel

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