Phuket, It’s Valentine’s Day

Nai Thon Beach
Nai Thon Beach

So after 3 flights and 30 hours of travel I made it to Thailand.  The long journey is completely worth it.  The people are quiet and friendly, the beaches are serine and beautiful, and the food is exotic and delicious.

If my first few days here were any indication of how the rest of my trip turns out, this will make for an amazing journey.  I barely had any time in Bangkok and in a blink I was back on a flight again and headed south to Phuket.  Phuket is an island located in southwest, resting in the Andaman Sea it boasts some of the most spectacular beaches.  Snorkeling and diving are popular here and the water is calm, clear and full of life so the conditions are perfect for it.  Phuket is Thailand’s largest island and also it’s wealthiest province and it’s becoming an increasingly popular travel destination.

Our first stop is Nai Thon beach.   It is a small cove that is overlooked by some tourists so there is less development here than other destinations but it is growing.  This makes the white sand beach and the tropical blue waters all the more appealing because it is as if I have found a little piece of paradise all my own.  The beach access is lined with small bars and restaurants tucked under trees that grace its entrance.  The vegetation here was a surprising mix of jungle like palms that cover the hills and towering pine trees that scatter the roadways and pour onto the threshold of the beach.   The sand is creamy and soft and squeaks under your feet.  We have been spending our early mornings in the sun and then finding refuge under our yellow and white striped umbrellas at Peter’s Bar and Restaurant.  The mid day sun pours onto the beach but a cool breeze reveals itself throughout the day and placates the heat.  You can rent chairs here cheaply for the day (about 150 baht for 2) so we have been hanging out late to catch what has been some of the more breathtaking sunsets I’ve seen.

So far we’ve spent our first few days succumbing to the relaxed vibe here on the beach and poking around the little shops and restaurants along the main drag.  I was surprised to find out that Valentine’s Day is also celebrated here so Thursday I had my own little take on the romantic evening by having my cards read by a Thai fortune teller.  Roses and chocolates are just not enough ladies.  It was in interesting experience and seemed even more mystical because he didn’t speak any English so I had a friend translating for me.  I love hearing someone else’s interpretation of my personality and peering into what may come.  However true or not, it is quite an adventure.   To add to the mystique fire works were being set off in the distance and couples on the beach set paper lanterns free into the night sky.

Hands down my most interesting Valentine’s Day I’ve had to date.

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    Barb Synan

    Abbie, I am so enjoying reading your blog. I feel like I am traveling right along with you. Hope you are having a great time and can’t wait to read you next installment.
    Love, Aunt Barb

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